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Convenient Luxury.

Looking for the best family-friendly vacation rentals near Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame? You have come to the right place!

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Houses 4-19 people.

Our well-appointed homes in Cooperstown, NY, come in different sizes and there is surely one that suits your family's needs.

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Personal Touch.

Every corner of a Coop Diamonds home carries the unmistakable personal touch of the owners.

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Useful Amenities.

From the living room to the kitchen, bedrooms and beyond, you will come across thoughtful amenities at a Coop Diamonds home.

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Let your hair down!

Create waves of fun in the pool. Dribble away at the basketball court. Gather around the barbecue! Play foosball. There's much to do here!

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Close to Everything.

Coop Diamonds Vacation Rental Houses are close to all that you need to see and be at in Cooperstown, NY.

Book a Coop Diamonds Vacation Rental Home in Cooperstown

Our vacation rental homes are well-appointed and accommodate family sizes of 4-19 people.
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Coop Diamonds Vacation Home Rentals, Cooperstown, NY

Over 14 years of excellence

Set in a sprawling estate with crystal blue skies and sun-kissed greenery, Coop Diamonds is a set of well-planned, well-located homes in Cooperstown, New York. They have been thoughtfully built as if they were our own homes. In fact, everything that you see here has an unmistakable personal touch – something that you never find in a commercial premise. Yet, all our homes come with modern amenities to make your stay truly remarkable.
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